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A Homeschool Friendly Private Micro-School Serving Grades K-6

Reimagining the One-Room Schoolhouse

  • High-quality educational program for children (ages 5-12).
  • Major emphasis on growth mindset & social/emotional skills.
  • Collaborative learning & differentiated curriculum to accommodate homeschool families.
  • Plentiful outdoor playtime.
  • Child-led & project-focused.
  • Daily learning in Spanish, Yoga & Zumba.
  • Weekly sensory & STEAM classes.
  • Monthly parent-involved field trips.
  • Apolitical/Secular


Co-Working Space located right next door for remote working families (at no cost).

The Why

2022-2023 Tuition Rates

student playing with animals
Social Schooler
Investment: $475/mo (Avg $59/day)
Attend 2 days/wk (or 8 drop-ins per month).
Give your homeschooler the social aspects of school, access to teacher support and fun curriculum. 
*Family must commit to set days each month, but swapping days is allowed if done with 1 weeks notice.
Hybrid Homeschooler
Investment: $575/mo (Avg $49/day)
Attend up to 3 days per week (or 12 days monthly). 
Gain the support of a teacher led curriculum, social skills, and consistency. 
*Family must commit to set days each month, but swapping days is allowed if done with 1 weeks notice. 
Private Schooler
Investment: $775/mo (Avg $39/day)
Full time private school student, with a homeschool feel, and year round enrollment Mon-Fri 10-4 pm.
Hero Private Schooler
Investment: $995/mo 
Full-time enrollment Mon-Fri 10-4 pm, with a homeschool feel, whole family support, and no added costs. 
Includes family bonuses:
  • 1 date night per month (4hrs Fri or Sat)
  • School t-shirt annually
  • Weekly Spanish lessons for 2 adults in a family Thursdays from 5-6 pm
  • Monthly field trips included at no extra cost. 
  • Thank you post to family/business on social media. 

Elementary Aftercare

  • $25/Day
  • Open 3-6 pm Mon-Fri
  • Ages 5-11
  • Gardening, Zumba, Sensory Class,
    & Spanish Enrichment

Students playing with water

School Schedule

Our school breaks scheduled throughout the year line up with most public school breaks, some extras are scheduled as there is no long Summer break. We believe our school is more of a way of life for families who join and believe in the routine and consistency of year-round schooling. It also allows full-time families to take more breaks throughout the year, as needed.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply below

Step 2: Family Interview and class visit

Step 3: Two-week welcome period

Step 4: Welcome to our School