Tiny Humans Space

We want to make a difference at the very beginning, at the time when children start to become aware of/lost in what the world expects them to be instead of whom they are meant to be. We want to teach them to live into their values and have a strong sense of self and how to communicate with others. Heres how:


Problem Solving

Using real problem solving skills, students will be able to be challenged and taught how to learn and grow. 


Social Skills

Social skills, leadership, team work, community, giving back, and beginning to look at self worth/identity.



We will use positive affirmations, yoga, meditation, cultural education, healthy living education daily in lesson planning/curriculum.



Spanish will be taught throughout the day in a laid back/no stress way. Both guides are fluent in Spanish and will ensure it is incorporated throughout the day to lead to deeper understanding.

Multicultural Exploration

What do holidays around the world look like? How do different cultures carry out customs and traditions, and how are these cultural traditions similar or different from our own? Grab your travel bags, passports, and stamps!


Organic Gardening

From building raised garden beds to growing organic fruits and vegetables, the children have fully embraced a gardener’s “green thumb”!